On behalf of BCS PEI

Brothers, Sisters, Allies:

This message is to say, on behalf of the Black Cultural Society of PEI… THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who chose to attend the Black Lives Matter march this past Friday. Thank you, not only for attending, but for making the conscious decision to stand with us and demonstrate your belief in equal rights for all and your solidarity as we seek real change for our Island. Thank you to everyone who donated supplies for the march -these supplies were absolutely necessary in helping to keep attendees safe and having them donated took a lot of stress out of the planning of the event. Thank you to everyone who donated funds to the Black Cultural Society of PEI. As promised, we will be sharing these funds with our co-organizers BIPOC USHR and all money raised will be used carefully, thoughtfully, and responsibly.

We have so much gratitude to everyone who helped to make the march a success including our co-organizers Amirah Oyesegun and BIPOC USHR. So glad our organizations could come together on this. Thank you to all of our volunteers who kept us hydrated and masked throughout the day. A few huge thank yous to KKP PEI for the banner, Coltin Handrahan and Golden Custom Clothing for the t-shirts (and masks!), Kyle Gallagher and House-Front Production Services Inc. for the stage and sound system; and to Dep. Brad MacConnell, Det. Sgt. Walter Vessey, and the Charlottetown Police Department for keeping protesters safe in the roads and in the park.

Very special thank you to all of our speakers in the park. Your words were honest and inspiring, and I truly believe each of you has motivated the masses to be and do better.

Lastly, we need to thank each and every person who has taken the time to sign our petition; and to the individuals and businesses who have made it their mission this week to help us collect more signatures. As I said in the park, the march was just the beginning and this petition will help us to take the next steps forward…and so we march!

Tamara Steele – President of Black Cultural Society of PEI

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