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Vendors will be from the local Black community selling apparel, jewelry, paintings, etc.  (Note: vendors market runs from 1-7 pm during the 1-10 pm days and 4-7 pm during the 4-10 pm days)

Date: Every day during the Canada Games.

Location: Seaport, Charlottetown.

There will be a variety of cultural crafts taking place every day. All crafts will include various methods each day; painting, colouring etc.   The crafts program is as follows:

WEEK 1: 

February 19, (1-2 pm) – Decorate the Sankofa Bird (this bird represents the Theme for BCS Black History Month 2023).

February 20, (1-2 pm) – Paint and design your own pottery.

February 23, (4-6 pm) – Create and design your country’s flag or your favourite flag.

February 25, (1-2 pm) – Henna station. 

WEEK 2: 

February 26, (1-2 pm) – Design your own Canada Games Olympian Logo

February 27, (4-6 pm) – Decorate the Sankofa Bird (this bird represents the Theme for BCS Black History Month 2023)

March 2, (4-6 pm)-Paint and design your own pottery

March 3, (4-6 pm)– Create and design your country flag or your favourite flag

March 4, (1-2 pm) – Henna 

BCS will not only be beautifying the community but we will be educating them on the history of braiding within the Black Community. The different ways to braid, the reasons why we braid our hair, the importance of trust and understanding with braiding one’s hair, and the connections that are built on braiding each other’s hair.  We will incorporate natural nail painting representing the colors of the Sankofa bird. 

Dates: February 19, 25, 26 and March 4.

Time: 2-4 pm

Location: Seaport, Charlottetown.

 The traditions of basket weaving will be shared with the community. Where basket weaving originated from and what cultures share this common practice of creating baskets with local resources. Participants will be able to take home a sample of what they create. 

Date: February 23 & March 2

Time: 6-9pm

Location: Seaport, Charlottetown.

Introducing Pepeto with steel pans and a lively drumming performance to get the community moving and grooving to the rhythms played by the Bahamian goat skin drum and African Djembe. Audience participation is encouraged. 

Date: February 27

Time: 1.30-3.30 pm

Location: Seaport, Charlottetown


February 19, (4-6 pm)– Traditional hair wrapping (Ghana, Yoruba), learning about the history of what Sankofa means and from where it originated

February 20, (4-6 pm) – Traditional mask making from Benin—where traditional African masks originated—to the Caribbean Carnival.

February 24, (6-9 pm)– Traditional waist bead making and the history behind the beauty of the waist beads. Also, beaded bracelet/anklet making. 

February 25, (4-6 pm) – BCS will be sharing cultural languages with the community. The community will learn phrases from and similarities in languages from various cultures.  Languages will vary from Swahili, Creole, Patwa, Pigeon English, broken English and how all languages are tied together.  


March 26, (4-6 pm) – The history of Bahamian Junkanoo: where it started, the costumes, the music

March 3, (6-9 pm) – Memba Ya Kulture with Jamaican History & Delicacies – Learn about the amazing history of the Jamaican flag and what each color represents. Traditional famous dishes from Jamaica will be shared; incorporating word games to learn all the delicious fruits you can find in Jamaica and the unique spelling of each fruit. 

March 4, (4-6 pm) – Traditional hair wrapping (Ghana, Yoruba), learning about the history of what Sankofa means and from where it originated.

This community engagement segment, Wah Gwan, will feature short interviews with attendees/community members, interacting and connecting with the community which will include questions related to both Black History Month and Canada Games. 

Date: Every day, except February 23, 24, March 2, and March 3.

Time: 6-8 pm

Location: Seaport, Charlottetown.

BCS will share local recipes with the community from various black cultures. Each day different recipes will be on display. We will create mini recipes so the community can come and pick one to take home to try.