Camp Furaha

BCSPEI’s Camp Furaha is for female-identifying youth of colour to be and grow together. Inspired by the BCSPEI Women’s Luncheon, held during Black History Month 2020, we witnessed the magic that happens when a group of Black and Indigenous People of Colour come together and are given the opportunity to support one another and be supported. We wanted to create that same kind of space for young BIPOC in PEI. This camp will be led by the youth themselves and will focus on leadership skills, self esteem, and creativity while being supported by two women of colour.

Our Goals

  • Create a safer space for Community Building
  • For these girls to be able to offer Peer Support for one another
  • To create Visibility for the girls in the group as well as the broader Island community
  • To support deeper Connection and Friendship between the girls
  • For the girls to feel Empowered
  • To support Learning and Knowing your own roots

With this group, our mission is for these girls to see power in their community and within themselves, to create a safe and welcoming community in one another and to create meaningful friendships.

Our vision is for these girls to be able to grow together and claim their collective power and find strength and resilience in community and their shared identities.


Tuesdays: Ages 7-12
Thursdays: ages 13-15