Still image from film: Man waking away towards a sunset.


An endless pursuit to find meaning and wonder in one of my many passions of expression. My pursuit of becoming a cinematographer lies in my ability to craft stories and make a commitment to myself that all is possible with hard work and determination.

Directed by Omar Broderick
Producer: Slickphotography


Still image from film: man standing knee deep in the ocean


After losing his mother to a years long battle with cancer, Joekenneth Museau is left to question the meaning of his own existence. He grapples with the nuances of grief and travels to his mother’s homeland in search for answers. Joekenneth’s poetic interludes narrate this true story of a young man fighting himself to stay alive.

HBO American Black Film Festival 2018 – Finalist

Directed by Sam Sneed
Producers: Akshay Bhansali & Chad Gittens
Executive Producer: Sam Sneed
Starring: Joekenneth Museau


Our Shared Humanity: A Video Series on Challenging Racism and Celebrating Diversity is about redefining the narrative on race and the celebration of human diversity, drawing on our complex history, current challenges, and our shared vision for a more equitable future. It is a tribute to unity, understanding, and a world where inclusion knows no bounds.

Directed by Dotun Adedoyin
Produced by REEL Collective

Young boy wearing football uniform and helmet


A look at an athlete’s time off the field and to explore the many notions of the game from an innocent viewpoint. Exploring notions of acceptance, ability, trust and teamwork. This viewpoint is unclouded by expectation and judgment. It is living.

Directed by Omar Broderick
Produced by Slickphotography


Barber Bo Dollis teaches his proteges, Corey, Alvon, and JaCorey, the virtues of being a Mardi Gras Indian, a centuries-old subculture in New Orleans that shapes the minds of the youth community through mentorship, artistic expression, and cultural practice.

Directed by Alexandra M Kern

Still image from film: man playing alto saxophone


Tempers flare during a jazz band’s rehearsal when Ray stumbles in typically late, only this time, there’s more to it than his usual lack of commitment.

Directed by Aram Atkinson

The Black Cop movie poster: man wearing a UK police uniform with the title "The Black Cop" in block letters across the image


Exploring one former police officer’s experience of being both victim and perpetrator of racism within the police force. With the ongoing conversations around racial profiling within policing, a look into the usually private world of policing.

Directed by Cherish Oteka
Produced by Garden Documentaries

woman standing and looking down into camera


Brands are coming out with Solidarity messages at an alarming pace. This is a response to their empty words.

A film by Zen Pace

Still image from film: close up of a man looking pensive, sitting perhaps on a bus


At the end of a long workday, OUSMANE, a Burkinabé immigrant living in Montreal, has his life take a turn when he meets an elderly disoriented neighbour.

Directed by Jorge Camarotti